Customer Recording

Author: Salman Pathan 113 views


This function is used to get recording link of a particular Jodo voice call unique System Call ID.

Use Case:

  • Playback of media sessions e.g., calls to be played within the CRM/ Business application.
  • Send links to users / customers of the media session recorded

User Input Parameters:

Output Parameters:

Return Value:

This API returns response in JSON format.

Customer recording JSON Request

"systemcallid":"140912183554281005" ,
"reqdatetime":"2018-11-12 14:00:05"

Customer recording JSON Response

"resdatetime":"2018-11-12 14:00:05"

Customer recording JSON Fail Response

"resdatetime":"2018-11-12 14:00:05"

Status info for Recording Module