Reallocate Data

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This function is used to reallocate data or tasks to a particular user.

Use Case:

Reallocate data when a user is absent or has left organization and will not be able to handle scheduled calls.
In such cases, data needs to be reallocated to other Jodo users to meet the scheduled call goal.
Option to reallocate data should be added to CRM / Business application.

User Input Parameters:

Output Parameters:

Return Value:

This API returns in one format I.e., JSON format.

Reallocate data JSON Request

"calldatetime":"2018-11-10 09:00:00",
"reqdatetime":"2018-11-12 14:00:05"

Reallocate data JSON Response

"resdatetime":"2018-11-12 14:00:05",

Reallocate data JSON Fail Response

"resdatetime":"2018-11-12 14:00:05"

Status Code Information