Jodo Service Key and API Key FAQ

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  •  What is the Service key?

    (A) ProcessUniqueidentifier is the Service key and every process has this service key value.

  •  What is an API key?

    (A) OrgUniqueidentifier is the API Key and every Organization has this API key value.

  •  I don’t have the Service key. What should I do?

    (A) You can find the service key from Process Configuration in Jodo Admin.

  •  I don’t have an API key. What should I do?

    (A) You can find the API key from Organization Configuration in Jodo Admin.

  • Can I change my Service key?

    (A) No. You cannot change your service Key, This functionality is currently not available.

  •  Can I change my API key?

    (A) No. You cannot change your API Key, This functionality is currently not available.

  •  Can I share my API key?

    (A) No. The API key is linked to your billing. If shared there may be misuse.

  • Can I share my Service key?

    (A) No. Service Key is unique to identify your service. If shared, you may experience unexpected behavior.

  •  What is CRM Uniquefield?

    (A) It is a unique field that is used to identify Customers for e.g. can be policy no, Aadhar Card no, PAN no, Social Security Number, Account Number, Customer Code, etc. It is used to identify unique customers in business applications.

  •  Can we Import Multiple Records in a single request?

    (A) Yes. You can Import multiple Records in a single Request.

  •  What is Process ID?

    (A) Jodo World generates a Unique ID for Each process that is required to pass various API calls.

  •  How do I find/know my Process ID?

    (A) Customers can get Process ID from Jodo Admin.

  •  Do I need a user ID & password to access API Server?

    (A) No. In the Current version, users don’t need a User ID and password to access API Server. A unique key is required to access API.

  • Is it necessary to pass all parameters while invoking API?

    (A) For Each Request mandatory and optional Fields are documented (Refer to input parameter Table)

  • What is the time format I should use to pass date time in API?
    (A) API accepts date & time in yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss format.
  •  Do I need to change my application if you release a new API?

    (A) No. In most scenarios APIs are downward compatible. We publish a bulletin if applications need to be upgraded.

  •  What should I do to add a new Call Type?
    (A) User can not add a new call Type. Call Types are internal to Jodo.
  • What should I do to add a new Media Type?
    (A) User can not add a new Media Type. Once new media is added to the Jodo platform, it will be made available.
  •  I am getting an unexpected response. What should I do?

    (A) Contact the Avhan Support Team.

  •  Can I pass data in different languages?

    (A) Yes. JODO Services is Multilingual and users can pass data in different languages.

  • Our application support localization. Can I use your API to store data?

    (A) Yes. JODO Services are Multilingual., Users can use API to store data in desired languages.

  •  API call returns success, but the call is not getting dialed

    (A) Check if the time template is configured, the contact is selected, the process is active, and the user is logged in.

  •  When I try to save the call disposition, I get an invalid status response.

    (A) Refer Output parameter table according to the Request. Different status codes are provided to identify the issue

  • My request to save disposition is successful, but the agent status remains the same.

    (A) Check if auto-available is configured for your process/account.

  •  My status is not changed even though the interaction got over

    (A) 1) Check whether save API is called or not
    2) Check if there is any error while calling the save API

  •  How do I pass the phone number to API? Should I prefix 0? Should I prefix the country code?

    (A) 1). Users can pass phone numbers to API, phone number range must be a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 16 digits             (Refer to input parameter table).
    2) for international contact number country code is mandatory.

  • Can I schedule a call request to dial after a year?

    (A) Yes, the User can Schedule a call request to dial after a year or as per requirement, depending upon min and max date value that is configured. It also means that your subscription must be valid.
    ⦁ Can I schedule backdated call requests?
    ⦁ No. The user cannot schedule back-dated call requests.