Jodo Cloud Contact Center Technology

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A Contact Center solution for the “connected” business landscape is to deliver direct-to-customer experiences globally.
When We Go beyond premise-based contact centers and gain a competitive edge by leveraging JodoC3’s Single Cloud for multiple “connected” delivery centers, stores, etc. to deliver powerful phone, SMS, and email solutions.

Jodo C3 provides a unified toolbar where the user can start a conversation with the Agent.

The toolbar provides the dashboard, which shows a graphical summary of their status and the daily calls handled. The call count considers the medium in which the call was handled. Agents can select the status based on the situation.

Media traffic on the toolbar shows all the communication handled by the agent for the selected date range.

The toolbar allows the Agent to use social media as well as email.

The toolbar allows the user to start a call and connect with their customer. make The agent can choose which dialing mode to use when calling their customer.

For dialing purposes, one can use progressive dialing or manual dialing and preview dialing in the toolbar.

The media control tab on the agent’s screen allows the agent to control the communication between the customer and the agent, with options such as “End” “Mute,” “Hold,”  and so on. , and initiate a conference call with the internal, external, and user while on the phone. They also get a scriptor for a smooth conversation with the customer. The user can enter and save the customer data in the CRM. Once the conversation is over, the session can be ended by clicking the End button. After ending the conversation, the agent gets a disposition option to select and submit.