Dispose Call

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This method is used to dispose interaction (call). Once Disposition is saved, user can receive / initiate next interaction. Jodo World User must be in Wrap-Up / AUX state to invoke this method. Method fails if user is in different status.

Jodo World processes request and return result as per parameter value. If call is disposed successfully on Jodo World end, Jodo World sends available / ready status if configured for auto available or remain in same status when auto ready / auto available is disabled.

Input Parameters:

Sample Request

					var saverequest = {
	“dispoMasterId”: 10,
	“dispomatertext”:”Not Interested”,
	“disporeasontext”:”Call after 3 months”,
	“callbackDate”:”10-Dec-2016 11:00:15”,
	“remarktest”:”Recently purchased product”
DisposeCall (saverequest);


Response is communicated in event handler